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This is a chronicle of renovations of our home, an historic inn. It is our goal to work toward the historic preservation and careful renovation of this much loved landmark in rural southern Ohio.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Catching up. Kitchen & Bathroom Renvoations 2016-2017

Could it really be 4 1/2 years since my last post?! 
So much has happened, particularly between 2016-2017. 
We Hosting two family weddings and that had really stepped up our game.
We finished the kitchen in 2016 and finished the 2nd floor (main) bathroom in 2017. 
Ninety nine percent of those big jobs were accomplished by yours truly, Julie and James.
Both the kitchen and the bathroom were herculean tasks for just the two of us
 - from the demo: tearing out the walls, ceilings and floors...including replacing
massive rotted floor joists - to running new electrical,
a dandy new Manabloc manifold PEX plumbing system
and of course all the pretty new tile, large format (shower) and subway tile,
 flooring and plank ceiling to both rooms.   

Kitchen renovation 2014 - 2016

Before: 2012 Flooded/Damaged. 1969 design.                                                        After: 2017


 Finished 2016

Bathroom Renovation May-October 2017

Before/Demo/During and After





Ikea vanity cabinet opened (right). Inset into wall wood trim added.

(Left) backward shot in mirror 

backward shot in mirror (right)